Lives Changed by Christ: LCBC

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LCBC doesn’t really sound like a church name. But it’s an intentional act to use that acronym for Lives Changed by Christ—this is a congregation and leadership not interested in “doing” church the usual ways.

“These are real people who speak a real language, people who don’t have it all figured out but who are grateful for a God who does,” says John Zeswitz, LCBC’s executive director of ministries.

And that means changing people’s perception of church by focusing on weekend services and how the church leads people to Christ. The results of that attention to detail are infectious, Zeswitz says, drawing worshipers from a good distance for the experience at one of LCBC’s six campuses.

“When Bill Hybels was at LCBC helping to celebrate our 25th anniversary, he stood in an office looking out a large window and remarked that there’s a lot of corn out there. He asked, ‘Where do the people come from?’ We are just as stunned and humbled by folks who drive an hour or more each way to come to church. On any given weekend you may even find an Amish family or two on a campus,” Zeswitz says.

LCBC Manheim, Pa.
Senior Pastor: David Ashcraft
Twitter: @LCBCChurch
Founded: 1986
Affiliation: Nondenominational
Locations: 6
Attendance: 13,854
Growth in 2012: +2,930 (27%)

Christy Scannell
Christy Scannell

Christy Scannell is a college instructor, freelance editor and accomplished writer who lives with her husband in San Diego.