Christy Scannell

Christy Scannell is a college instructor, freelance editor and accomplished writer who lives with her husband in San Diego.

Church of Small Miracles

A rural Arkansas church extends a helping hand to its community.

Small Church Place of Peace

How Tippecanoe Presbyterian Church in Milwaukee, Wis., seeks to create peace in its community

Reaching Out, Reaching In: Citylife Church

As the #7 Fastest-Growing Church in the U.S., Citylife Church serves God faithfully, and he has blessed the church as a result.

Good Times at 2|42 Community Church

Perhaps one reason 2/42 Community Church is the #8 Fastest-Growing Church in the country is that it knows how to have fun and be exciting—for its members and the community.

Lives Changed by Christ: LCBC

LCBC's attention to detail and focus on weekend services has some people driving an hour or more each way to attend. Perhaps that's why it's 2013's #10 Fastest-Growing Church in the country.

Doing a Few Things Well: Lamb of God Lutheran Church

Be very clear about doing one thing and doing it well, not several things in a “kinda-sorta” way. Make it the thing people see and say, “Oh, yeah, that’s the church that feeds the homeless.”

High Impact in Arizona: Impact Church

With God's help, Impact Church has gone from nearly dying to now thriving and expanding. It's the #9 Fastest- Growing Church in the U.S. in 2013.

Alabama's Dream Team: Church of the Highlands

Plenty of volunteer opportunities, and a system that matches members to the best ministries for them, have contributed to Church of the Highlands ranking as the nation's #6 Fastest-Growing Church.