India: Learning From New Life

Lessons From the Ongoing Transformation of a 40,000-Person Church in India

5 Marriage Landmines to Avoid When Change Comes

William Vanderbloemen: "Avoid these five landmines, and your pastoral transition is guaranteed to go as smoothly as possible."

Ed Stetzer: Why I Stand With Wheaton College

Wheaton College made the national news in a big way last month—while I was visiting with my daughter. Here's my reflection.

Evangelical Leaders Call for Compassionate Response to Refugee Crisis

At GC2 Summit, leaders draft statement of declaration with call to action for evangelicals in caring for refugees.

Multisite 2016: What’s New and What’s Next?

Emerging trends from a dynamic movement in its third decade.

Why the Church of Tomorrow Starts Today

Bobby Gruenewald: How can we transition the church of today into the church of tomorrow? It starts with each of us.

Struggles: Our Defining Moments

Brad Powell: “God uses struggles to get us where he wants us. Satan uses struggles to keep us from where God wants us.”

3 Principles for Leading Through Times of Waiting

How to lead well even when your goals and dreams seem a long way off.

Do Guns Belong in the Church?

"Defending the faithful with firepower raises some complicated questions. Do guns and God make a good mixture?"

Should Christians Be Encouraged to Arm Themselves?

John Piper: Why carrying concealed weapons works against the counter-cultural, self-sacrificing, soul-saving cause of Christ.