Why You Should Speak up for Your Pastor

"People who find fault with the pastor never hesitate to voice their opinion. What if the rest of us spoke up in his or her support?"

An Unexpected but Biblical Truth About Christian Giving

"It’s just like the lost who, upon receiving such a great salvation, tend to overflow with joy and generosity."

Preaching to the Unchurched: 5 Essentials

Rick Warren: "In terms of seeing radical life changes in individuals, nothing can take the place of Spirit-anointed preaching."

Does Your Church Suffer From ‘Close to the Pastor’ Syndrome?

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Breaking Church-Growth Barriers: Build a Bigger Leadership Table

Ed Stetzer: “Our goals must reflect a community of making disciples and exerting cultural influence.”

5 Mistakes Churches Make When Hiring

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Overcoming Evangelism Frustration—A 30-Day Accountability Process

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6 Signs You Spend Too Much Time on Social Media

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9 Changes Dying Churches Must Make Immediately

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3 Keys to Getting Through Dry Seasons

"The toughest season, and one that so many Christians seem to fight through, is the dry season—the desert months."