Building a Healthy Team Culture

“A clear culture is like the white blood cell system of an organization and it gives you a better chance of self-correction.”

Church Change Without Compromise

“We must change our methods for shining God’s light into the world without changing the light itself.”

The Innovation Equation: Problems + Limitations = Innovation

Bobby Gruenewald: Our best ideas happen when we face real problems with constraints.

Designing Space for Mission

"We are called to dig postmodern wells where the Samaritan woman of today can get a drink and have a conversation."

Teams That Thrive and the Obstacles That Hinder Them

“Sure, efficiency is often useful, but great teams aren’t necessarily efficient. Rather, they are effective.”

What Really Makes a Good Idea Work?

"Go ahead and learn from the successes of others, but never assume that stealing an idea will give you the same results."

Is Discipleship About Growing or Going?

We need to make disciples, but discipleship is more than moving people to conversion. It includes moving them beyond it.

Hollering Into Culture: Are We Smothering the Good News in Unnecessary Noise?

"Is this the church, hollering into culture—earnest, but shrill—connected to a Truth but disconnected from an audience?"

Faith Talks: The Compassionate and Conversational Gospel

Robert Crosby: “Authenticity in our outreach conversations is perceived by others through our genuine compassion."

73,715: They’re Never “Just Numbers”

Celebrating the Country's Fastest-Growing Churches, and Refocusing on our Singular Task