5 Commitments Every Pastor Needs to Make

"Your church is a lot bigger than you. It will remain long after you are gone. With that in mind, be a legacy leader."

4 Obstacles to Church Multiplication

“If we really are intent on bringing the world to Jesus, whatever model we choose must be infinitely reproducible.”

A Disturbing Trend in the Church—And How You Can Help Reverse It

"The local church will remain incomplete, lacking vital ministries and gifts, until those missing parts of the body come back home."

5 Innovation Tips for Any Church, Any Size

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3 Easy Ways to Empathize With the Poor

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Your Pastor Is Broken (And That’s OK)

"Yes, your pastor is broken, and it’s OK; you are, too. Welcome to the fellowship of the fractured."

3 Keys to Overcoming Unforgiveness in Ministry

"Remember this, Pastor: When you get things right with God, you will truly make things right with others."

A Note to 20-Something Church Leaders

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Americans Express Increasingly Warm Feelings Toward Religious Groups

Pew Research: Americans express more positive feelings toward various religious groups today than they did a few years ago.

5 Ways Church Leaders Grasp Momentum

"Momentum is not a mystery—it contains elements like vision and competence, but it cannot be manufactured upon demand."