‘The Problem with My Old Church Was …’

Brandon Cox encourages leaders to promote unity and avoid playing into people's complaints about their "old" church.

Numbing Your Pain Is Numbing Your Potential

We need to feel our own Pain. And we must understand our own story if we hope to help other people find theirs.

The Messy Journey to Jesus

"We must be thankful for each person and allow the Holy Spirit to work through us."

Milk, Meat and the Malnourished Church

Steven Furtick: Is the American church malnourished? And if so, is it the pastor's fault?

Deep and Wide: How Your Church Can Pursue Both

Depth without width and width without depth — you can't have one without the other and make strong disciples.

Lead Well—At Home

One great ministry challenge is to serve in a way that values, affirms and protects our children.

7 Guidelines for Controversial Facebook Comments

Ministry leaders are often called upon to comment on racial, socioeconomic and political tensions. How should we respond?

Leadership—Heart, Soul and Structure

Why leaders today need to balance the heart and organization to serve Jesus well.

Do Your Friendships Reflect God’s Heart?

We should follow Jesus’ example by cultivating friendships with nonbelievers.

Is Anyone Listening?

“The technology that gets people into trouble is the same technology that can be used to rescue them.”