christian encore

Jesus’ Answer to the Christian Encore Problem

We learn more and more about Jesus as we follow, as we go, but only as we go.
encourage a fellow leader

5 Ways to Encourage a Fellow Leader

How can we lift up one another in this challenging time of ministry?

How to Teach Your Kids About Other Cultures

Here are five easy ways to teach your kids about other nations and cultures.
spiritual gift

Walking in the Spirit

Jesus accomplishes his will through spiritual gifts, both permanent and situational.
division in the body

A ‘We’ Problem

Why unity is the key to regaining our voice in society

The Attitudes That Make Jesus Mad

We'd do well to pay attention to the things that made Jesus angry.
our flaws

The Health of Embracing Our Flaws

Our imperfections remind us that our time on earth is temporary and we are loved unconditionally.
childlike faith

What Does It Mean to Have Childlike Faith?

3 characteristics of people who have the kind of faith that makes up the kingdom of God.

Making Room for Grief in Church

The Bible is not shy about grief, and neither should we be.
wrong jesus

Are We Worshiping the Wrong Jesus?

What we believe about God and what he says about himself is the most important thing we could focus on and think about.