interruptions happen

Welcoming Divine Interruptions

The things that disrupt our “real” life are often the things God uses to shape us.

Giving New Believers an Example to Follow

Evangelism and discipleship were never meant to be separated.

Creating Lifelong Disciples Who Become Disciple-Makers

Conversion is not the touchdown, it’s the kickoff

God’s Love Is Everywhere

If we only have eyes to see it

Take Your Faith to Work

How to encourage a missional mindset for everyone, everywhere, all the time.
soul-level strength

2 Keys to Overcoming Worry and Anxiety

What to do when you can’t stop wringing your hands

How to Bring a Spirit of Sabbath Into Your Daily Life

We've lost sight of the value of true rest. Here are some ways to reclaim it.
relationships within the church

What Does Love Look Like?

Insights from the most famous love passage.
Jesus laughed

Let There Be Laughter

Are we downplaying the unbridled joy of our faith?

How Do We Make Church Safe Again?

Reflections in the wake of the Guidepost Solutions SBC report.