Starting a Multiplication Movement in Your Church

Here are five intentional steps you can take to start a church planting movement.

6 Benefits of Raising Kids in a Cross-Cultural Context

Making sacrifices as a family for mission is costly, but Christ is worth it.

What’s Needed to Be a Church Planting Leader?

Being a church planting leader requires different skills than being a church planter.

Church Planting and Emotional Health

We need to reassesses our definition of success in church planting.

Surrendering Our Strategies for the Sake of the Kingdom

Made for More—Shift 6: From More Strategy to More Surrender

Cultivating Everyday Mission Fields

Made for More—Shift 5: From More Programs to More Mission Fields

Activating Everyday Missionaries in Your Church

Made for More—Shift 4: From More Hierarchy to More Missionaries

The Informal Economy of Church Planting

The informal (System D) economy has a lot to teach us about leading church planting movements.

Why Do You Make The Decisions You Do?

Your values influence everything about your church, and are essentially the personality of your church.

Planting a Church That Outlives Itself

The church in Antioch no longer exists, but it's legacy continues today.