10 Church Networking Models—Part 2

More networks will lead to more churches being planted.

Why We Need Networks

God can do amazing things through leaders who believe we are better together.

Life Together as a Church

Are you part of the church, or simply leading it?

5 Tips to Survive Planting a Church

Here are the most significant lessons I've learned as a church planter.

Coming Together as a Team for the Kingdom

The mission of Jesus can't be accomplished by a single individual or one charismatic leader.

3 Steps to Clarify Your Church Planting Vision

Pay attention to these vital steps before you launch a church.

Serving God Together as a Family

Loving others starts with our families.

Providing Pastoral Care in Growing Church Plants

When pastoral care must come from someone other than the pastor

The Great Collaboration

We've been missing a key piece in our church planting efforts.

Together With God

God himself is better together.