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Gospel Fluency

Speaking the Truths of Jesus into the Everyday Stuff of Life

Speaking the Truth of Jesus Into Everyday Life

"Culture shapes language. Language shapes culture. And stories have the power to redefine or create new language."

Adventures in Evangelical Civility

A Lifelong Quest for Common Ground

Saved by … Doctrine?

"A person can have what we see as a highly defective theology, and yet we can still acknowledge that the person’s heart has been transformed by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ."

The Case for Miracles

Lee Strobel: A Journalist Investigates Evidence for the Supernatural

Breaking the Huddle

How Your Community Can Grow Its Witness

Break the Huddle, Grow Your Witness

"It is possible for communities to grow their witness."

Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out

Evangelism the Way You Were Born to Do It