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Beyond Colorblind

Sarah Shin: Redeeming Our Ethnic Journey

Redeeming Our Ethnic Journey

Our world is in need of a gospel that goes beyond colorblindness, and isn't afraid to address ethnic differences.

Unity Requires Worshiping Together

If the kingdom of God is made up of every ethnic group, then let’s start modeling it in our local congregations.

Dream With Me

Race, Love, and the Struggle We Must Win

Time Is Short for Biblical Reconciliation

"The problem of reconciliation is much too big to be wrestled to the ground by plans that begin in the minds of men."

Shattering the Stained Glass Ceiling: Trust God’s Plans for You

"A mature personality has a solid sense of self, which is anchored in a strong foundation of self-worth."

Shattering the Stained Glass Ceiling

A Coaching Strategy for Women Leaders in Ministry

Taking Risks to Reach Out

"Paul told Timothy '[the elder] must be well thought of by outsiders' (1 Tim. 3:7). Could this be said of your church and of your pastors and elders?"