Dream With Me

Dream With Me
Race, Love, and the Struggle We Must Win
(Baker Books, 2017)

WHO: John M. Perkins, cofounder of the Christian Community Development Association and founder and president emeritus of the John and Vera Mae Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation, Justice, and Christian Community Development.

HE SAYS:“True justice isn’t something we will see until the kingdom of God comes in its fullness. And until that day, we will call those under us to keep striving to right the wrongs for their own generation.”

THE BIG IDEA: This memoir shows that, though the fight against racism and for social justice is not over, there are strong reasons to hope and to carry on the work Perkins started.

THE PROGRESSION: Through personal stories spanning his time in the civil rights movement through voter registration to school desegregation to today, John shares his life with his readers at a time when civility and understanding is needed more than ever.

“To the confused, John Perkins provides clarity; to the impatient, he counsels wisdom; to the prayerful, he extends promise; and to the weary, he remains a living example of the self-sacrifice required to abide in faith, hope and love.”

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A 2018 Outreach Resource of the Year—Racial Reconciliation Category

Dream With Me is an inspiring manifesto: a culmination of life experience, personal pain, theological reflection, courageous determination, persistent leadership, longing fulfilled and expectant hope, flowing from the heart of the legendary John M. Perkins.”

”The arc of this book, and of his journey, provides informed motivation for those who dare to engage the ministry of reconciliation, advance the cause of justice and promote Christ-centered peace in a painfully polarized society.

Evaluated by Mark DeYmaz, an author, Outreachcontributing editor, founding pastor of Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas, and cofounder and president of Mosaix Global Network.