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E Pluribus Unum?

God delights in our diversity and calls us to pursue reconciliation wherever needed.

5 Steps Toward Racial Justice and Reconciliation

Racial justice and reconciliation are central to the gospel. Here's how predominantly white churches can join the cause.

10 Suggestions for Bridging Racial Divides

The racial reckoning that’s been happening across the country has been critically important, but if we let it wane, it will be for nothing.

3 Reasons You Need to a Build a Diverse Leadership Team

“Developing a racially and ethnically diverse team must not be done for the sake of being done, but with the mission of God in mind.”

Toward Racial Unity

OneRace is tackling racism across the United States.

Pastors Encourage Racial Reconciliation, Churchgoers Want More Diversity in the Church

Compared to a 2016 Lifeway Research study, more pastors are socializing with neighbors of other ethnicities (70% v. 57%), discussing the issue with church leaders (63% v. 51%), meeting regularly with pastors of other ethnicities (46% v. 40%), and investing church funds in changing local economic inequalities (44% v. 31%).

A Disease of the Human Heart

And there is only one cure. It is not another law, though new ones may be needed; it is not a change in policing, though changes may be needed. Those are band-aids—helpful, perhaps, but band-aids. They do not address the disease.

The Journey of Racial Reconciliation

The following article comes from Janetta Oni, the Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham’s director of communications. She recently joined J.D. Greear and Bryan Loritts for...