Adventures in Evangelical Civility

A Lifelong Quest for Common Ground

Adventures in Evangelical Civility
A Lifelong Quest for Common Ground
(Brazos Press, 2017)

WHO: Richard J. Mouw, professor of faith and public life at Fuller Theological Seminary, where he served as president for 20 years.

HE SAYS: “As I back over my academic career, I see commonness as a theme that has been informing the main intellectual endeavors that have engaged me from the start.”

THE BIG IDEA: Richard Mouw, called the “premier evangelical public intellectual of our time,” draws on classical Calvinists, Mormons, historians, Catholics and Anabaptists to examine the links between common and particular grace.

THE PROGRESSION: The author presents his journey through studies in philosophy, theology and political theory interspersed with stories of ecumenical dialogues and important encounters with religious leaders of diverse traditions.

“A captivating exploration of both Calvinism and evangelicalism and the complicated relationship between them.”

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A 2018 Outreach Resource of the Year—Theology Category

“No message is more valuable for American Christians, from both ends of the evangelical theological spectrum, than this robust, informed call to a renewed commitment to civility.”

Evaluated by Scot McKnight,author or editor of some 60 books and the Julius R. Mantey Professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary in Lombard, Illinois.

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