Richard J. Mouw

Richard J. Mouw is professor of faith and public life and former president of Fuller Theological Seminary and a regular columnist with Religion News Service.

We the People

Excerpted From How to Be a Patriotic Christian By Richard Mouw Tags: IVP, patriotism It is impossible to imagine being a patriotic American without joining in...

Richard Mouw: How to Be a Patriotic Christian

How to Be a Patriotic Christian IVP, 2022 By Richard Mouw

Richard Mouw: Restless Faith

Holding Evangelical Beliefs in a World of Contested Labels

Understanding the Nature of Christ’s Atonement

Was Christ's work on the cross vertical, horizontal or both?

Adventures in Evangelical Civility

A Lifelong Quest for Common Ground

Saved by … Doctrine?

"A person can have what we see as a highly defective theology, and yet we can still acknowledge that the person’s heart has been transformed by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ."