Tag: Apologetics

Rebecca McLaughlin: A Curious Faith—Part 1

“There are a lot of things that look like roadblocks to faith, but if you look more closely, they become signposts to Jesus.”

Rebecca McLaughlin: Presenting Truth With Humility—Part 2

“We can’t actually share the gospel while holding onto our pride. Too often we think we’re defending Jesus when in fact we’re defending ourselves.”

Responding to Hostility Toward Christianity

And why we shouldn’t be afraid to discuss the complexities of our faith

Why Your Personal Story Is Your Greatest Apologetic Tool

Stories of life change are a powerful and indisputable way to speak the truth to people who are skeptical about faith.

Whole-Life Apologetics

“Jesus and the apostles addressed people’s head questions with their words, but they addressed people’s heart questions with their lives.”

Michael Kruger: Surviving Religion 101

Letters to a Christian Student on Keeping the Faith in College (Crossway)

The Problems With Moral Relativism

Excerpted from 'Surviving Religion 101' (Crossway)

Can’t We Just Be Good Without God?

Excerpted From '10 Questions Every Teen Should Ask (and Answer) About Christianity' (Crossway)