Tag: Apologetics

The Greatest Apologetic

God's love, forgiveness and acceptance is a powerful apologetic that can get past any barrier.

20th Annual Outreach Resources of the Year: Apologetics

Travis Dickinson’s Wandering Toward God is a vital apologetic resource for church leaders who navigate our age of deconstruction. This book not only provides answers to pressing questions, but also sorts through the central challenge of doubts.

Why Evil Is a Problem for Atheists Too

Something must explain the pervasive wickedness of the human race and what we can do about it.

Tips for Talking With Skeptics

6 imperatives for evangelism

Good News

My guess is that for most of us, this manifesto of Jesus’s kingship sounds attractive.

Rebecca McLaughlin: Confronting Jesus

“Jesus chose the cross so that the curtain could be torn and we could live eternally with him.”

Lee Strobel: Living on the Evangelistic Edge

We need to invite people curious about our faith into our daily lives.

Jeremiah Johnston: Becoming a Christian Thinker

The new pastor of apologetics at Prestonwood Baptist his mission to give believers and nonbelievers alike a foundation in the faith.