Tag: Apologetics

Lee Strobel: Asking the Real Questions

Apologetics is just knocking down some of the barriers. It’s the relationship that God uses to bring people to faith.

Lee Strobel: Why Championing Evangelism Is More Important Than Ever

The unexpected adventure of evangelism is the joy and the excitement and the spice of the Christian life. Being active evangelistically raises all other areas of our Christian life.

Outreach Resources of the Year: Apologetics

Chatraw and Allen break new ground in apologetics by looking back in "The Augustine Way." Both authors apply recent work on theological retrieval to the field of apologetics, using Augustine’s writings amid societal upheaval to shed light on our own culture.

John Dickson: The Power of Persuasion in a Post-Christian Nation

Speak to the culture like you're in Athens, not in Jerusalem, and expect to be scoffed at and smile sweetly back, and expect some to give us another hearing, and others to believe.

Explaining Away Jesus

Why Objections to Christianity Are Often Intellectually Dishonest

Answering Next-Gen Questions About Faith

The next generation has questions about faith and the church we should be paying attention to.

How to Have a Conversation About God With an Apatheist

Have you ever tried to strike up a conversation about faith with someone who didn’t care about God? Perhaps you asked a question like, “What...

The Greatest Apologetic

God's love, forgiveness and acceptance is a powerful apologetic that can get past any barrier.