Tag: Apologetics

Today’s Moment of Truth: Is Life an Accident?

"Many people think the existence of life is a happy accident. The right elements came together and—poof!—here we are."

Today’s Moment of Truth: Does Science Contradict Scripture?

"From an infinitesimal point, the entire universe and time itself exploded into being. And science can’t account for it."

Os Guinness: The Art of Christian Persuasion—Part 2

“Jesus never spoke to two people in the same way. So let’s drop all the simplistic, cookie-cutter methods of evangelism.”

Os Guinness: The Art of Christian Persuasion—Part 1

“Sadly, I have now seen countless churches who seem to have lost their first love for reaching out with the gospel.”

Why ‘The Final Apologetic’ Still Matters

If love is our most-convincing proof, does our combative spirit actually argue people away from the truth?