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Legacy Can Lead to Life

Legacy. It is a word that I’ve been dealing with a lot as I move beyond my 30th year of pastoral ministry in one place.

Poetry and Politics

Ruth sometimes theorized in her poetry, but it was theory based on observations, and rarely if ever about being a woman in a man's world. She thought of herself as a broken sinner in God's world. She simply did not think about "oppression" in gendered terms.

What to Do With So Much Property

Excerpted from 'We Aren't Broke' (Eerdmans)

Sally Brown: Preaching to Shape Daring Witness

Sunday’s Sermon for Monday’s World (Eerdmans)

Being Christian in Public

Excerpted FromSunday’s Sermon for Monday’s WorldBy Sally Brown One visionary, creative action by one person can reverberate around the world. On a Thursday evening, December 1,...

Who Was Mary From Magdala?

We don't know many details about Mary Magdalene, but here are the things we do know from Scripture and other sources.

Jesus in Jerusalem

Eckhard J. Schnabel: The Last Days

Incarnational Mission

Samuel Wells: Being With the World