Sally Brown: Preaching to Shape Daring Witness

Sunday’s Sermon for Monday’s World (Eerdmans)

Sunday’s Sermon for Monday’s World: Preaching to Shape Daring Witness
(Wm. B. Eerdmans, 2020)

WHO: Sally Brown teaches preaching, hermeneutics and homiletical theory at Princeton Theological Seminary where she also directs the annual Engle Institute of Preaching.

SHE SAYS: “Our part is to step to the pulpit and practice and model a hermeneutic of hope; to fill the reservoirs of practice and storied wisdom; and to turn lose metaphorical sight lines of home.”

THE BIG IDEA: Different preaching strategies can equip ordinary prophets to take bold action.

Part 1, “Rethinking the Shape of Christian Witness in Everyday Life,” provides a theological and theoretical backdrop for the discussion of homiletical strategies in Part 2.
The second section, “Preaching to Shape the Everyday Witness of Ordinary Lives,” is made up of four chapters that answer, from different perspectives, the homiletical question, “What particular preaching strategies best support the imaginative, improvisational testimony of Christian lives to the reign of God in culturally hybrid spaces of everyday life?”

“What kind of daring, everyday counter-testimonies to the all-too-easy rhetoric of hate might strategic preaching on our part inspire?”

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