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Healing the Racial Divide

My top five books on race

The Desires That Drive You

As we take this journey to discover what constitutes a beautiful life, we find that Jesus doesn’t want us to get rid of our desires; he wants us to seek him for their fulfillment.

What If We Just Did What God Has Asked Us to Do?

The trip to the Himalayan mountains that changed the trajectory of David Platt's life.

Stand Still and Watch God Work

Excerpted FromEnter WildBy Carlos Whittaker Be Still Let’s rewind a few centuries back to the days of Moses so we can all realize we’re not alone...

Christopher Yuan: Human Sexuality and the Gospel

The opposite of homosexuality is not heterosexuality, but holiness.

Jo Saxton: Ready to Rise

Own Your Voices, Gather Your Community, Step Into Your Influence (WaterBrook)

The Benefits of Healthy Professional Peer Relationships

Create the culture you want to see.

Ashlee Eiland: The Transforming Power of Kindness

Rediscovering civility in a culture of division