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Should Your Church Return to a Single Service?

"We pastors hate to go backward. For me, it’s a pride thing. But something has to be done. There needs to be a plan."

10 Lessons for (Not Just) Younger Church Leaders

"If we desire personal growth, we have to get around people who are or have already been where we wish to go."

7 Business Principles That Lead to a Flourishing Church

"My background was business, so I took those principles that I knew and applied them to building the new church."

The 7 Pivotal Virtues of Church Growth

"It is next to impossible to grow the church without loving those outside the church."

7 Steps to Reviving a Small-Town Church

"Preach the gospel. Build the church. There is strength and influence in numbers."

Tradition or Sacred Cow? Rethinking How We ‘Do Church’

"Do not make the way you do church a doctrine. Make Christ’s doctrine the way you do church."

17 Key Traits of Highly Effective Churches

"Here are 17 things that I have found in churches that are growing. Each nugget is exactly a 140-character tweet."

The Greatest Measure of Your Church’s Health: Giving

"When people in your church stop giving, it is seldom, if ever, about the money."