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Have These 10 Things Made Your Thankful List?

Our family is big. “…standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings.” 1 Peter 5:9

Reflections at 50 on God’s Faithfulness

Looking back on what God has done in my life and ministry

Giving Thanks When Things Break

Sometimes God grows things by breaking them.

10 Reasons I’m Thankful to Be a Pastor

When I feel like I can't go on being a pastor, I remind myself of these reasons I'm thankful for my calling.

How to Be Thankful in Times of Division

In this season in our nation's history when the divisions are deep, let's remind ourselves of who we are and who God is.

Giving Thanks in All Circumstances

No matter our circumstances, God is worthy of our thanksgiving.

Why Thankfulness Is Key to Navigating Alzheimer’s

"A big part of how well you navigate hard things in life—whether disease or some other kind of heartache—is going to be determined by what you choose to dwell on."

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Dave Meurer: Navigating Alzheimer’s With Grace and Compassion