Tag: Social Justice

Persecution: One Church, One Family

Around the world christians are facing unprecedented persecution. Here’s how your church can respond.

Beyond Equality: Restoring Dignity to Abused Women

The language of equality has certain limitations that the doctrine of the Imago Dei can address.

Will This Season Be a Moment or a Movement for Justice?

"Our hope, then, must be marked by a courage which compels us to stand up amid apathy and violence and be counted among the disturbers of a false peace."

10 Attributes of Scripture-Informed Justice

This article originally appeared on MissioAlliance.org and is reposted here by permission. I don’t like the phrase “biblical justice.” Often, in my experience, it is a certain...

18th Annual Celebration of the Best

Outreach Magazine Names Resources of the Year

Can Unity Do Damage?

Unity cannot exist without equity. Equity cannot exist without justice.

The Love and Truth of the Gospel

Excerpted FromCompassion & ConvictionBy Justin Giboney, Michael Wear and Chris Butler No one makes political decisions from a neutral position. To make a policy decision...