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5 Qualities Servant Leaders Should Strive to Embody

What a leader should look like according to the Bible

Servant Leadership in a Nutshell

Insights from Max De Pree on 4 essential characteristics of an effective leader

Does God Exclude Some From His Work?

The Lord’s best servants are the congregation’s best leaders. Those who lead best are humble servants willing to stoop and wash the feet or rise and lead the charge, whatever the situation requires.

Whose Kingdom Are You Promoting?

He expands his kingdom broadly, but not deeply. After all, deeply-developed kingdoms require serious discipleship – and genuine disciples would recognize the problem with a king’s leadership style.

What Does a Servant Leader Look Like?

pastors and church leaders should have a default posture of service. If you’re not willing to be a servant leader, then you are not fit to have authority and influence within the body of Christ.

Shann Ray Ferch: The Reconciling Power of Servant Leadership—Part 1

Shann Ray's journey from professional basketball player to poet and professor of leadership and forgiveness studies

Shann Ray Ferch: The Path to Reconciliation—Part 2

"In a beloved relationship, the one who has done harm must come to listen and be ready to ask for mercy and commit to change in order to restore the dignity of the other group or person."

6 Principles to Strengthen Your Servant Leadership

Ways to become a better leader