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Single Moms Ministry: Springs Community Church

Springs Community Church in Colorado encourages and supports single moms. Here's how ...

Camp All-American: Perimeter Church

Perimeter Church Connects With the Community Through an Onsite Kids Camp

Host an Art Walk: Northland Village Church

Nortland Village Church Taps Their Los Angeles Neighborhood’s Creativity by Hosting an Annual Art Walk

Cost-Effective Ways to Raise Your Visibility

Let It Shine: "This is not only a cost-effective strategy for raising a church’s visibility, but a sustainable one that God honors."

Recycling for Clean Water: Bear Creek Community Church

Bear Creek Community Church Uses Ongoing Community Recycling Project to Fund Clean Drinking Water

Families for Foster Care: City of Grace

City of Grace and Other Arizona Churches Band Together to Meet Their State’s Foster Care Crisis

Loving Through Laundry: Freedom Church

Freedom Church in California Makes a Local Impact in a Laundromat