A.J. Swoboda: Subversive Sabbath

The Surprising Power of Rest in a Nonstop World

Subversive Sabbath
(Baker Publishing Group/Brazos Press, 2018)

WHO: A.J. Swoboda, pastor of Theophilus Church in Portland, Oregon, and executive director of the Seminary Stewardship Alliance.

HE SAYS: “In a world of doing, going and producing, we have no use for a gift that invites us to stop. But that is the original gift: a gift of rest.”

THE BIG IDEA: Understanding the gift of Sabbath, how we can receive it and what receiving it does for the world.

This book is outlined into four parts—Sabbath for us, for others, for creation and for worship—that reflect a conviction that the Sabbath is for everyone and everything.

“Sabbath and restoration are quite synonymous in God’s vocabulary. To Sabbath is to live as God intended. When we enter into that rest, it is like entering back into Eden.”

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A 2019 Outreach Also Recommended Resource of the Year—Spiritual Growth Category

“You may not have time to read this very carefully researched and crafted argument for a true rest time each week, but if you do, you will be both surprised and challenged by the author’s conclusions and challenges.”

Evaluated by Knute Larson, an Outreach consulting editor; pastor emeritus of The Chapel in Akron, Ohio; and editor of Pastorpedia.

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