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The Power of Testimony

Caroline’s idea was so brilliantly simple, yet, at the same time, so complex. Her idea would require a lot of time, money, and community support to make it happen.

Love Is (Not) a Mirror

How can we know what love is when we’re acting (falsely) like we know ourselves? But if we don’t know ourselves, where would we begin?

The Launch Party for the Church

Throughout the Bible, we see over and over again that the gospel brings people together who were once divided. We need this in our country, and it’s exactly what the church can embody.

Dream Big

The world and too often Christians are cynical of success and big dreams. I don’t know why this is because big dreams, big visions, and grand ambitions are sprinkled throughout the Bible.

More Than You Were Meant to Carry

The antidote to pride is still humility, but a kind of humility that’s different from what we’re used to. We typically think of humility as thinking lowly of oneself, and we don’t struggle to think lowly of ourselves.

Practice the Language

Every person we translate Jesus to has two options: to follow Him or stay where they are. We do our part in prayer and partnership with Jesus.

My Achilles Heel

As women who didn’t receive what we needed from our fathers, we must make the time to grieve this loss in our lives. Doing so requires that we tell the little girl inside of us to pack her bags and leave for good. She can’t coexist in a healthy and whole woman of God.

Andrew Root and Blair Bertrand

The authors show how getting mired in busyness and new programs can keep us from focusing on God. They also explain that while innovation can be great, waiting on the Lord is the solution a church in crisis needs.