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The Connection Between Ableism and Racism

The bigger issue, one that often goes unnoticed, is that with the use of religious liberty as a means of exempting themselves from providing federally mandated accommodations for disabled people, religious institutions also effectively distanced themselves from practicing a faith that demands involvement in social justice.

Lamar Hardwick

How do we dismantle the image of able-bodiedness equals goodness and that Black bodies are inherently bad?

What Is Gratitude, Really?

Gratitude is not just a periodic sense of being blessed and indebted. Grateful people are inclined to feel gratitude most of the time.

Cornelius Plantinga

‘Strive first for the kingdom of God.’ If we Christians accept Jesus’ commission, we will never run out of good things to do.

David Fitch

Let us examine the way power works and how the church is called to live under a different power.

Just for a Season

Grandmom and Grandad’s Louisiana table will always be my favorite table, carved walnut and long enough for their four kids to bring their kids who also brought theirs. It was the living table of a great-grandmother, and she set it with southern precision, in decadent layers of greenery and understated class.

Amber Haines and Seth Haines

Hope is a thing that is here and now, and it requires participation. Like love, hope has a way of acting.

Does Your View of Heaven Match Jesus’?

“The heavens” also carried another important meaning in the ancient world. It referred to the dwelling place of God. The heavens are the invisible, intangible realm occupied by the Lord and his hosts.