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Amber Haines and Seth Haines

Hope is a thing that is here and now, and it requires participation. Like love, hope has a way of acting.

Does Your View of Heaven Match Jesus’?

“The heavens” also carried another important meaning in the ancient world. It referred to the dwelling place of God. The heavens are the invisible, intangible realm occupied by the Lord and his hosts.

Skye Jethani

When we come to embrace Jesus’ map of heaven, we will discover that it works so much better than the one we’ve inherited from popular Christian culture.

The Bible and the Civil Rights Movement

Many scholars describe the civil rights movement as a political movement with religious dressing—useful for the movement’s purposes but not central to the message. But the work of historian David L. Chappell, based on testimonies by civil rights activists and leaders, contradicts this. Their accounts indicate that “it was, for them, primarily a religious event.”

This Isn’t How They Told Us It Would Be

If you are no longer sure if you can believe in God, or if you’re beginning to doubt Christianity, we don’t assume you’ve lost your mind.

Joshua D. Chatraw and Jack Carson

In what follows you will find ways of thinking differently, practices to engage in, and better questions to attend to.

Follow Your Breath

Tom’s message was simple: each and every one of us is invited to encounter a God who loves, chooses, and visits us.

My Spiritual Awakening

The weird thing about hangovers is that I adapted to them. They set the tone for the day: the muscles governing my movement would be sore, the head housing my mind would ache, the seat of my heart would feel broken, and the voices of my soul would speak only shame.