Micha Boyett

Blessed Are the Rest of Us
Brazos Press, 2024
By Micha Boyett

WHO: Micha Boyett, cohost of The Lucky Few podcast and creator of The Slow Way podcast. 

SHE SAYS: “I had lived most of my life striving to be worthy of blessing, longing to earn my value through performance, goodness and hard work. But like Jesus’ first listeners, maybe my script was being rewritten.” 

THE BIG IDEA: This book explores the Beatitudes to invite readers into an understanding of God and ourselves based on belovedness rather than accomplishment.

THE PROGRESSION: In nine chapters, the author explores what the Sermon on the Mount says about human value, how we find our identity, and who deserves honor. Along the way, she blends in the story of Ace, her special-needs son.

“We are invited not to rejoice in our grief and loss in this life but to transform our thinking around what it means to have a full, thriving life in the midst of our suffering.”   

Micha Boyett
Micha Boyetthttps://michaboyett.com

Micha Boyett is co-host of The Lucky Few podcast and creator of The Slow Way podcast.