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The Transcript of Our Desires

If one’s internet searches illuminate our hidden desires, then the Bible serves (in the words of Catherine Dunlap Carter) as a kind of “incomparable record of human desire.”

A.J. Swoboda

The goal isn’t escaping earth to go to heaven. The goal is heaven coming here.

Can Deeper Faith Come From Deconstruction?

Repentance requires idol smashing.

18th Annual Celebration of the Best

Outreach Magazine Names Resources of the Year

A.J. Swoboda: Subversive Sabbath

The Surprising Power of Rest in a Nonstop World

Why We Should Be Intentional About Rest

God places a great deal of significance on rest, so much so that it was his first word to Adam and Eve.

Redeeming How We Talk

Ken Wytsma and A.J. Swoboda: Discover How Communication Fuels Our Growth, Shapes Our Relationships, and Changes Our Lives

Why We Must Make Our Communication Personal Again

Our communication has become increasingly impersonal and contentious. We need to see the imago Dei in others once again.