Justin Whitmel Earley: The Common Rule

The Common Rule
(InterVarsity Press, 2019)

WHO: Justin Whitmel Earley, founder of The Common Rule, an organization that teaches practices designed to form us in the love of God and neighbor.

HE SAYS: “We are all living according to a specific regimen of habits, and those habits shape most of our life.”

THE BIG IDEA: You can transform your habits—and your spiritual life—in the midst of a life of busyness.

Part 1, “How to Practice the Common Rule,” explains the importance of habits and how they can shape our lives. In Part 2, “The Daily and Weekly Habits,” each chapter is dedicated to one of the four daily habits—kneeling prayer, one meal with others, daily hour with the phone off, Scripture before phone—or the four weekly habits—one hour of vulnerable conversation with a friend, curating weekly screen stories to four hours, fasting for 24 hours, setting a day aside for Sabbath.

“Only when your habits are constructed to match your worldview do you become someone who doesn’t just know about God and neighbor but someone who actually loves God and neighbor.”

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