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Is Physical Activity Related to Spiritual Practices?

Having a plan is essential to doing both well. If I don’t know my plans and goals for each day of exercise, I may not be as focused or intentional as I need to be.

Roots Before Fruit

“Our identity as daughters and sons is more important than our impact as leaders.”

7 Reasons I’m Fasting More Frequently Now

Why it's a more regular discipline in my life than ever before

7 Spiritual Rhythms for the Effective Leader

All leaders should lead well, but when one claims to be a follower of Christ their leadership reflects on his or her walk with Christ.

A Collection of Thoughts on Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual disciplines matter. If you struggle with these disciplines, maybe one of these posts will help you today.

How to Boost Your Consistency in Bible Reading

3 techniques that will help you build the discipline of getting in the Word.

How to Set God-Centered Goals

3 key questions to ask yourself as you make resolutions.

Strength for Tomorrow

Where to Find the Courage You’ll Need in Trials