How to Boost Your Consistency in Bible Reading

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3 techniques that will help you build the discipline of getting in the Word.

Do you want to learn how to stay consistent with Bible reading? I’ve self-diagnosed (I have many of the signs.) of ADD and staying consistent with anything is a challenge. I’m the kind of person who starts a lot of things but never finishes them and for a long time, I would start to read through the whole Bible but never finish. To be honest, I hated that about myself. 

For a long time, I knew I needed to make getting in the Word a priority like I do other things in my life. I knew God’s Word was a lifeline for my soul. And as a pastor, I need to be in the Word to fill my own well but also to be able to effectively pour into other people’s wells.

So, are you like me? Is reading the Bible consistently a challenge? Kristen Wetherell from writes: 

“For many Christians, reading the Bible consistently is a challenge. 

In 2017, the American Bible Society reported that only 20% of Americans read their Bibles at least four times each week. This means that 80% of Americans read Scripture less frequently than that, if at all.

But God says his words are like food—‘Man does not live by bread alone, but man lives by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord’ (Deut. 8:3). And no human can survive without food. If we’re not eating, we starve.

And if we aren’t feeding on God’s Word consistently, so will our souls.”

Are you starving spiritually? I was for a long time until I made it a priority to get in the Word regularly. The following are three useful ways to help you stay consistent with your Bible reading. It’s not magic. It’s not a secret formula. God’s Word is alive, active, and powerful (see Heb. 4:12) because of the Holy Spirit. His Spirit is what makes the Bible different from any other book you will ever read.


1. Put your phone away—or just turn it off entirely.

We live in the age of distraction and a large part of that is because of the small computer in the palm of our hands! Cell phones (or smartphones) are not evil in and of themselves but they are easily addictive and open up a whole world of distractions, such as social media, the news, sports, games, and the internet. 

The best solution? Put it away. Put it someplace out of your sight or just power it off. That way while you read your Bible you won’t be tempted by your notifications, texts, or even calls. You’ll be amazed at how much time you actually have to get in the Word consistently by removing yourself from that tiny screen.

2. At first, don’t stress yourself out by trying to read a lot and for hours.

Some of us are readers and some of us aren’t. That’s okay. Start small. Read a few verses, reflect on them, journal, and allow the Lord to speak. First, read for a few minutes. Each day add five more minutes. But make sure it’s not becoming something that you do legalistically or habitually for the purpose of just doing it. 

Reading God’s Word should be life-giving, refreshing, challenging and life-altering. 

I used to stress over not being able to read my Bible for 30 minutes a day. I started small. I set a timer, got my Bible and journal out, and I read and prayed until it went off. Eventually, it became second nature and I stopped timing myself. The purpose was to help me make it more than just a daily habit but something I knew I needed daily for the well-being of my soul!

3. Ask someone to hold you accountable.

Accountability goes a long way–if you follow through with it! It only works if you actually do it! I’ve been guilty of not following through when someone asks me to hold them accountable for different things. The kicker here: accountability is only effective when both parties agree to do it and actually do it. 

Ask someone you trust that’s been walking with the Lord longer than you to hold you accountable. Have them challenge you to be more consistent with reading the Bible. Ask them to challenge you, ask you point-blank, blunt questions about what you are doing with your time and, if you are really in the Word, what’s God saying to you through it (because God surely speaks through his Word)?

These three ideas are ways you can begin to kick start being more consistent with reading the Bible. You might not see changes right away, but give it time. Like anything, it takes time. Reading God’s Word isn’t a race to simply check it off your daily to-do list. God’s Word is nourishment for your soul. Meditate on it. Immerse yourself in it. Allow the Holy Spirit to speak, fill, and convict when needed. 

Being more consistent with reading the Bible is one of the best things you can work on improving. It will change your life.

This article originally appeared on and is reposted here by permission.

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