Tag: Aaron Joseph Hall

Who’s In Charge?

Surrender is a word most people don’t like—especially when it comes to surrendering everything to Jesus as Lord.

More Than Taking a Nap

Cultivating a life of rest involves understanding its value, learning to take breaks, and allowing margin in our lives.

Does God Still Love You?

We cannot earn more of God's love or lose any of it because His love for us is unconditional. He loves us fully and completely, no matter what we do.

Unlike Any Other Book in History

Finding ways to understand the Bible offers not just knowledge but opens the door to connecting with the Lord on a much deeper level.

Saying ‘Yes’ to Serve

Our purpose is to serve him wholeheartedly, without expecting accolades or rewards.

Guarding Your Heart and Mind Against Anxiety

The truth is God isn’t surprised by anything that happens to us in this world. When we feel anxious or worried, it can be helpful to remember that God is not surprised by our circumstances.

3 Reasons to Be Bold in Sharing the Gospel

Jesus accomplished more than simply our salvation on the cross.

Be An Encourager

Your word of encouragement today could literally mean life to someone who has been given only words that bring death, negativity, and depression.