Jonathan Walton: 12 Lies That Hold America Captive

And the Truth That Sets Us Free

Twelve Lies That Hold America Captive
(IVP, 2019)

WHO: Jonathan Walton, an area director for InterVarsity Fellowship’s New York/New Jersey region.

HE SAYS: “Many Christians hold the same level of commitment to the Pledge of Allegiance that they hold to the Apostles’ Creed.”

THE BIG IDEA: Myths and misconceptions about America’s identity have created a false religion that Christians worship instead of the gospel.

The author examines 12 lies that many American Christians believe, dedicating a chapter to each one. These misconceptions range from America is a Christian nation and a melting pot to we are the most generous people in the world and the American dream is alive and well.
In exploring these myths, Walton shows how American nationalism can be at odds with the gospel and the call to take up our cross and follow Jesus. He also shows how many people of color and those at the margins of society have not known these lies to ever be true.
The book concludes by challenging readers to ground their identity in Jesus.

“All of humanity is in need of a home, but that home is not the United States or any place. It is a person, and his name is Jesus.”

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