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How to Surprise the World With the Gospel

"I don’t think every Christian is an evangelist, but I do think every Christian should be evangelistic."

Chap Clark: Adoptive Church

Creating an Environment Where Emerging Generations Belong

No Silver Bullets

Daniel Im: Five Small Shifts That Will Transform Your Ministry

Cross-Cultural Ministry: An Unhindered Gospel

"Luke penned the word unhindered—for he saw the bigger picture, as should we. The gospel is unstoppable."

Why We Can’t Ignore the Past

No matter our individual intentions, the past informs the way we relate with other ethnicities today.

Nurturing Young People

The ways we think about and encourage youth should be aimed at empowering them.

The Change We Want to See

"Principled, ethical, incarnational life will reside somewhere between a riot and a cup of tea—that is, between separation and compromise."

The Origin Story of the Bible

The story of how the Bible was constructed is as inspiring and miraculous as the stories within it.

Wanjiru Gitau: Megachurch Christianity Reconsidered

Millennials and Social Change in African Perspective