How to Ruin Your Life

How to Ruin Your Life
and Starting Over When You Do
(B&H Books, 2018)

WHO: Eric Geiger, a VP at LifeWay Christian Resources, leading the resources division.

HE SAYS: “Just as demolition experts place explosives inside of buildings, there were three explosives on the foundation of David’s life that led to his implosion. These three explosives can lead to your ruin as well: isolation, boredom and pride.”

BIG IDEA: This book uses the example of David and how his life imploded and was restored in order to show readers that they also have hope in God’s forgiveness and grace.

THE PROGRESSION: Part 1, “Imploded Lives,” introduces readers to the story of David and his fall, paralleling it with our falls from grace.
Part 2, “If You Want to Ruin Your Life . . .,” talks about three root causes of catastrophic personal failures: isolation, boredom and pride.
Part 3, “If You Want to Start Over . . .,” again turns to David to see how he confessed his sins, surrendered to God and celebrated forgiveness.

“When our hearts turn from the Lord, they always turn toward foolishness, to things that won’t satisfy and to seasons that will be filled with regret. When our hearts turn from the Lord, we move toward implosion.”

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A Conversation with Author Eric Geiger

There seems to be a lot of people today who are falling from grace. Are public examples of implosion what we can expect in daily life?

They should serve as warning signs to our own fragility and not something we look at in pride as if we are better or stronger than others because we are not.

What are some of the oft-ignored patterns beneath the surface that will lead to someone’s implosion?

When we are surrounded by people who are impressed with us, we are headed for destruction. When we are not looking at Christ. When we are looking at something else that can pull us to our own demise. When we believe in ourselves and attempt to stand in our own merit and strength. We are setting ourselves up for a fall.

If a person’s life has imploded, how can they start to rebuild?

My hope is that people who have ruined their lives will find grace and forgiveness and a new start. My hope is for those who have not yet imploded that they will find grace to stand on the firm foundation of Christ.

Eric Geiger
Eric Geiger

Eric Geiger is the senior pastor of Mariners Church in Southern California and the author of several church leadership books.