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7 Problems When Church Leaders Isolate Themselves

Though it sometimes masquerades as self-care, extended isolation has some dangerous side effects.

Putting an End to Relational Poverty

We were created to be in community/relationship with others and with God.

Bring Your Pain

The problem is most leaders don’t get a chance to hurt. And if you hurt, you tend to hurt in isolation.

Do People in Your Church Feel Like They’re Alone?

Division in the church is increasingly the norm. Politically-charged issues have broken friendships and wounded congregations. It’s tough to build healthy relationships when we see others as the enemy.

Isolation: The Loss of Social Capital

Regardless of how people themselves may feel about their housing situation, the research has been deemed unequivocal: people aging alone experience worse physical and mental health outcomes and shorter life spans.

Soul Care in the Isolation of Winter and COVID

How to keep going strong in a tough season

The Threat of Isolation Will Outlive the Pandemic

It's our responsibility to reach out to those who are isolated.

Alan Briggs: Out of Isolation

Loneliness is a feeling, but isolation is a choice.