Among Wolves

Dhati Lewis: Disciple-Making in the City

Among Wolves
Disciple-Making in the City
(B&H, 2017)

WHO: Dhati Lewis, lead pastor of Blueprint Church in Atlanta, Georgia, and founder of Rebuild Network.

HE SAYS: “The Great Commission calls us to make disciples as followers of Christ. We do this in our jobs, our homes, and our neighborhoods—all with the goal of subduing them and recapturing those arenas as vital gospel ground. And as you go into those places, baptize, teach, and live out your new identity in Christ.”

THE BIG IDEA: With the goal of demonstrating how churches can walk in unity in the midst of diversity, this book will help practitioners develop a deeper devotion to Christ, equip them to make disciples within the local church, come to see disciple-making as the ministry of the local church, and help them navigate the complex life of the city.

With the goal of being the last generation forced to leave the urban context in search of discipleship, Dhati structures Among Wolves into eight “movements” from the book of Matthew.
“Vision From Burden” examines how your story, God’s story and the stories of others coincide. “Establishing Family” looks at how we are part of God’s family.
“Entering the Mission” examines how we are drawn into deeper dependency on God as we undergo trials, while “Framing Disciple-Making” defines disciple-making as the ministry of the church.
“A Call to Disciple-Making: A Call to Labor” breaks down how God’s presence if the fuel that empowers us to commit to his call, and “Training From Service” shows how laboring for the harvest is a critical part of our sanctification.
Finally, “Mobilizing Corporately for Mission” emphasizes moving forward in unity and “Unleashing Disciple-Makers” reiterates the importance of being obedient to the Great Commission.

From Outreach Magazine  WWHDD: What Would His Disciples Do?

“This book was written for anyone who has a burden to bring a tangible expression of the gospel into their neighborhood or network of relationships—a group of people who are willing to minister among wolves, in the most dense and diverse and difficult urban areas of our cities.”

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