church planter

Building a Strong Team

To be successful, church planters need both a mentor and a coach.

A Church Planter’s Perspective

Sitting in the presence of Jesus is the most important thing a church planter can do.
church planting

Two Church Plants, Two Different Results

What You Can Learn About Church Planting Success

Degrees of Collaboration

There are four concentric circles that represent degrees of collaboration in 2020 Birmingham.

Peyton Jones: Church Plantology

The Art and Science of Planting Churches (Zondervan)

Len Tang and Charles Cotherman: Sent to Flourish

A Guide to Planting and Multiplying Churches

Church Planting Versus Church Starting

Excerpted from 'Church Plantology'

Neil Powell and John James: Together for the City

How Collaborative Church Planting Leads to Citywide Movements