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7 Ways to Navigate Our Highly Charged Political Culture

We live in a contentious political time period. Here are ways that we can respond in ways that honor God.

‘Lord, I Thank Thee That I Am Not Like Those Evangelical Trump Supporters’

Ed Stetzer: "Our gut reaction is to dismiss Trump supporters and to question their faith. I’d like to suggest a different approach."

Can the Church Disengage From Politics?

Russell Moore: "We cannot simply assume that 'changed people' will 'change the world.'"

Decency for President

Max Lucado: "We stand against bullying in schools. Shouldn’t we do the same in presidential politics?"

GOP Candidates Seen as Religious—Except Trump

Pew Research: Fewer Americans view Donald Trump as a religious person than any other presidential candidate.

Sharing the Gospel Beyond the Partisan Divide

How Christian partisanship can become a hurdle to our efforts to spread the gospel.