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Christ and His Kingdom, Not Politics, Should Be the Central Fixture of Our Focus

This year, we can choose where to fix our eyes. Instead of locking them on the short-term things we can see, we are called to turn our gaze, by faith, to what is eternal.

How Jesus Addressed Injustice in Politics

Jesus was far from apolitical

What Is a Political Christian?

Unless Jesus is on the ballot, you’re voting for the lesser of two evils no matter who is running, and you’re doing that every single election.

Suspicious Outsiders

Over the course of almost two centuries, Christians had grown accustomed to playing the role of scapegoats. For Christians of Tertullian’s generation, there was every reason to believe it would always be like this.

Getting Political

We do not have the luxury of remaining silent in matters of politics, but we must use caution in the ways we engage.

Show Them Jesus

Why we must be known primarily for our love and not our politics.

Whose Side Is Jesus On?

If you wanted Jesus for your side, he disappointed you. If you wanted Jesus for Jesus, he quenched you.