Pew Research

Pew Analyzes Online Sermons

What do churchgoing Americans hear each week?

Pew Provides a New Snapshot of Religion in America

Pew Research: The new typology sorts Americans into seven groups based on religious and spiritual beliefs.

Why Americans Go (and Don’t Go) to Church

About 7 in 10 people who attend church no more than a few times a year identify with a religious group.

Why America’s ‘Nones’ Don’t Identify With a Religion

Pew Research: We recently asked a representative sample of more than 1,300 'nones' why they choose not to identify with a religion.

Births to Muslims Will Outnumber Births to Christians by 2035, Study Finds

Christianity still holds the status as the world’s largest religious group. But this is unlikely to be the case for much longer.

Americans Express Increasingly Warm Feelings Toward Religious Groups

Pew Research: Americans express more positive feelings toward various religious groups today than they did a few years ago.

GOP Candidates Seen as Religious—Except Trump

Pew Research: Fewer Americans view Donald Trump as a religious person than any other presidential candidate.