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Alliance Redwoods Builds Spiritual Bridges in Sonoma County

“This is a safe place for people who are post-evangelical or spiritual nones with a spiritual hunger. We call it a place of re-creation.”

Redeeming Post Commons

Hugh Halter revitalizes Alton, Illinois, with nothing but an old post office.

Using Space to Practice Generosity

Ascent Community Church in Colorado uses its space to offer its neighbors crazy generosity.

The Church of Tomorrow

Now is the time to think in the future tense.

Echo Park Reborn

Both Echo Park and Foursquare have experienced not just a revitalization, but reconciliation and restoration.

Your Space Can Tell Powerful Stories

Great spaces, art and stories let us join God in reflecting his image.

The Star in the Heart of Singapore

New Creation Church takes an innovative approach to its new facility.

Telling the Story of the Bible

The Museum of the Bible and the saga of the world’s most important book.