Tag: Multicultural Church

Understanding Our Hispanic Brothers and Sisters

Jesus has gathered his church to put the beauty of his creativity and wisdom on display to the ends of the earth.

3 Reasons You Need to a Build a Diverse Leadership Team

“Developing a racially and ethnically diverse team must not be done for the sake of being done, but with the mission of God in mind.”

Building a Multicultural Church in Salt Lake City

Spreading the gospel takes precedence over preserving a particular culture.

5 Ways to Help Asian Americans Feel Welcome in Your Church

Creating an environment of mutual respect and love that helps people from every ethnicity be a part of your body.

A Pastoral Response to Concerns That You’re Talking Too Much About Race

What a crazy time to be a pastor! Before the horrific events of the last few weeks, there was already a myriad of memes...

5 Types of Diversity You Should Seek for Your Team

To value differences is to value the strength of a team.

4 Ways to Combat Segregation in the Church

"This movement to open up the church to diversity is the visual expression of what happens when God heals our land."

Pursuing Diversity: The Math of the Kingdom

"You can't have a diverse church until you live a diverse life. Diversity in our churches is preceded by diversity in our living rooms."