Tag: Mosaic Christian Church

The Secret to Generating Momentum in Your Church

"Everybody loves to win. Everybody loves when your team scores to take the lead. That is why we love momentum."

Experience > Explanation: A Formula for Evangelism

"People aren’t going to remember the facts I tell them; they’re going to remember the experiences they have."

How to Keep Your Church’s Message From Becoming White Noise

"Let’s communicate creatively so that our initiatives to expose people to the gospel do not become white noise."

3 Keys to Difficult Conversations in Ministry

"These are hard conversations to have. But when we speak truth in love, we are doing what Jesus asks."

The Difference Between Church Members and Chicken

"I’m learning that systems are good … for preparing chicken. But systems have to include freedom when dealing with people."

Data Tells a Story … Why Churches Should Track Everything

"We keep track of how big the offering is. We keep good track of attendance. But we honestly don’t use data well."

Church Leadership: The Advantages of Disadvantages

"When God is with you, everything that people dis you for becomes an advantage. I call it the DIS-advantage."

How to Know You’re ‘Called’ to Plant: Mosaic Christian Church

"You'll never be 100 percent sure about your calling until after you've done what God has asked."